Saturday, November 1, 2008

Deer Hunt 2008

Trevor drew out on the Pansaguant for deer this year and so we have spent time scouting and looking for that big buck. We did find a few very good ones before the hunt, but that is BEFORE the hunt. We hunted hard and saw lots of bucks and some good ones that we passed on. Then right in Tropic Trevor shot this one. It was a great hunt. We saw lots of animals, shot some chuckers, shot at a few coyotes, but missed, and just spent time with Dad and my brothers. That was the best part.

Labor Day 2008

This summer we decided to invest in motorcycles, well I decided. Everyone now has a bike and we have had lots of fun. We went to Tropic, down by Bryce Canyon and spent a few days. We rode bikes around Troipc resiviour and at Grandma's in Marysvalle on the way home. We also went into the park and did the tourist thing. We have never taken the time to actually go into Bryce and show the kids where we both worked and see the sights. They enjoyed seeing the view points and listening to our stories about things we did and were we worked before we had kids. JoAnn worked in the lodge as a hostes in the dining room just after we were married. I worked on a youth conservation group when I was 12 and also worked with my grandpa on the horse rides for a couple summers. It was fun to see things again and see some of the changes over the years.