Tuesday, August 12, 2008

More Orlando

Disney World July 2008

This past July we went to Orlando for a Business conference and vacation. We went to Disney world. Part of the conference our kids went to "Camp Cardinal".

Camp Cardinal is put together by Cardinal Health, my wholesaler for work. They have kids split up into age groups and take them to area attractions. They were able to go to Universal Orlando, Islands of Adventure, Sea World, Kennedy space center and many other things. They made friends from all across the country and had a great time. As a family we went to all the Disney parks. I even went for a ride at over 150 mph at the Rishard Petty race experiance. It was very exciting and I would do it again. We experienced the HUMIDITY, got to say "not a fan of that". It is green everywhere, and lots of water. I was a bit shocked at how dry we are here when we got home and were driving home.

We had a good time and the conference was pretty good as well. I won an iPod and a $2000 balance that I use at work.