Monday, April 16, 2012

YMAD and Kaylynn

Kaylynn is back from her adventure in India. She went on a humanitarian trip with YMAD. She spent 3 weeks helping the children in schools and some sight seeing.
It was a life changing experience and she loved it.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Scouts at Ruby's Inn

In February we took the scouts to Ruby's Inn.
They have a sweet deal for scout troops. Dinner, room, breakfast, ice skate and cross country ski rental, all for $26 per boy. We took 12 scouts and 3 leaders. It was a great trip with one exception. Not enough snow to ski, but we had lots of fun. We also took them out to Bryce Canyon. I have a friend who got us in for free and so we went through the museum and out to a few view points.

Laura and the Mink

A few weeks ago Laura and Kelsey called me screaming on the phone that some critter was in her window well. I could not tell what was going on with all the screaming so I just hung up and chalked it up to "Girls goofing off". A few hours later I came home to find them in the front yard with flashlights looking at something. I went into the house to find that she had found a picture of a Mink on the internet and was positive that was what we had. Upon investigation I found it in the bushes in the front of the house. We have a mink farm a few miles north of us and I am guessing it was an escapee. I shot it with a BB gun and was surprised that I killed it. But it was only 5 feet away. I am having it tanned so Laura can be reminded of the big mean wild ferocious animal that was in her window well.

Zane's winning Valentine box

Zane's class had a contest to make a box for Valentines. He came up with the idea and he and JoAnn built this from scraps we had around the house. It was a big hit and he won the prize for the best Valentine Box. Mr. Wilson's 5th grade class at Taylor Elementry in Payson, Utah.

Trevor & Siobhan's Wedding in Mexico

In January my little brother was married on the beach in Mexico. JoAnn and I went along with about 30 other people. It was a fast trip but we had lots of fun. It was in Plya de Carmen, south of Cancun. We stayed at the Playacar Palace and it was awesome. I went golfing one day, we had to share the course with all the jungle animals and it was lots of fun.