Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Christmas 2011

This year we had the Jolley Christmas Eve party on the 23rd because Earl and his family went to Panguitch for Christmas. We had a great time and everyone came. We also had Lyle and Janice Barson. (Nikki's parents) Grandma LaVerne has spent many hours this year making blanktes for all the grandkids. She has kept all the material scraps from past years jammies and made a blanket with peices from each year. They all loved them and they turned out great.
check out this link for more pics.

"Polar Express" or something like it in Heber City

This is about the 10th year or so that we have been doing this with the Chisholm Family. We started this when our kids were very small and we both lived in Santaquin. That is where we became good friends and have remained so for many years. We enjoy getting together and our kids love it as well. The owners of the "Polar Express" name must have told them to stop and so this year was very different. They did pass out hot chocolate and a cookie but that is where the similarities ended. It was kind of lame, as the kids put it. We may have to find something else for next year. After we ride the train we always go to the Brick Oven for dinner. I am not sure which part is more fun for the kids. We all have a great time and it is good to get together with good friends.